Android 7

The launch of the remarkable new tablet PC by Apple has given a high competition for the other developers of the tablet PCs and the most famous of them is Archos which has already released the tablets but the capabilities of iPad has left behind the earlier tablets ad this is the reason Archos is thinking to bring a new and better competitor for the iPad. The pictures and full specification for the Archos 7 have been revealed on the retailer’s site which is showing of the French manufacturer’s Android tablet sequel.

Photo by nDevilTV
Photo by nDevilTV

According to the details that have been shown on that site the new tablet will come with usual audio and video playback and along with that it will come up with a 7 inch color LCD touch screen with a front facing webcam which is not in the iPad and the 8GB storage which is same as that of Android 7. The software will also come up with some new updates like Sony lyrics support and AE file format compatibility. Thus the new device could be seen as a real competitor to the iPad and this competition will also raise the trends of computing industry for the tablet PCs.

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