Sony and the Japanese robotics business ZMP have created a new drone marketed under the Aerosense name. This new drone is unique in that it can travel at speeds of up to 106 km/h, a total that is equal to 65 MPH. Original reports stated that it was able to go 105 MPH but the 65 MPH that it has been confirmed to run at is still faster than what is available in most other drones.

This Aerosense drone is capable of lifting about 22 pounds of cargo at a time. This is designed with photo and camera shoots in mind but it could also be used for the transport of lightweight materials if configured properly. This also uses three small wheels for take-off and landing; these wheels are organized in a manner similar to what is used on a much larger vehicle.

This is to be used for many procedures like measuring items, observing local areas and inspecting massive sites. This is expected to be very popular for those who are looking for large land sites that can be easy to prepare new functions on.

This is only going to be made available to businesses for different measurement and analysis functions. It will not be available to the general public as this was designed with the intention of measuring larger land masses and not necessarily for small-scale projects.

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