The tablet war is just getting bigger and bigger as new players rush into the market with innovative ideas and smart concept and with low prices that can crush the competition. In the wake of all the competition that is happening and is being displayed at the Mobile World Congress 2013 Sony has decided to bring on some of the best gadgets out in the market. In the smartphone segment Sony has made an impact with Sony Xperia Z and now the company is trying to do the same in the tablet market with Sony Xperia Tablet Z which can beat most of the 10 inch display tablets. Let’s take a quick look at the device in the Sony Xperia Tablet Z review below.


  • Like the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Sony has tried to incorporate the OmniBalance design that offers better balance and symmetry. It has round subtle edges which offers better smoothness and reflective surface on all sides make it look modern. The glass panel front side offers seamless surface and reflexive coating only makes the design look better. The use of premium materials like aluminum for power button and durable tempered glass makes the overall tablet super light and slim which means it is easy to carry. Sony Xperia Tablet Z weighs 495 grams and is only 7mm thick.


  • Sony has tried to raise the level higher with the second generation Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 that adds new real time contrast optimization. The Bravia technology is added to the Reality Display that offers better contrast management, color management, noise reduction and sharpness filter. The 10.1 inch screen offers 224 ppi pixel density and offering 1200 X 1920 pixels and offers multi-touch features for up to 10 fingers. Sony has also incorporated shatter proof and scratch resistant glass that gains IP57 certification.



  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which makes the overall functionality smooth and easy to handle. Sony has already announced that they will upgrade the operating system to Android 4.2 in the near future.


  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z is powered by 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor with 2GB RAM and Adreno 320 GPU that offers better options and blazing fast performance. With the powerful processor inside Sony Xperia Tablet Z offers consumers a better way to handle multiple tasks without any delays.


  • Sony Xperia Tablet z offers 8.1 megapixel camera on the rear side with 16X digital zoom and 2.2 megapixel front facing camera for better video calls.


In some ways Sony Xperia Tablet Z is incredibly thin and fast and therefore it offers better options to consumers that need smooth functionality without slightest of delays. The tablet is waterproof and dustproof which makes it convenient to carry it around without being too careful about it. It has most of the features that can compete the latest generation Apple iPad but it still depends on the price tag as Sony has rated it bit high at $599 for 32GB.


  • 10.1 inch Reality Display screen
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Superfast performance
  • Android upgrade available
  • Waterproof and Dust Proof (IP57 Certified)
  • Scratchproof Glass


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Poor Resolution than Google Nexus 10
  • Bit Expensive

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