For every problem/pain there is a Tablet and for every work/connectivity related problem there are some amazing Tablets which are available in different flavors. We are talking about the Tech Tablets; Tablets that solve multiple problems and offer us ease to perform multi-tasking. Leading gadget manufacturers have launched useful Tablets loaded with state-of-the-art features in fact companies are in a race to provide best Tablet so that users can easily prefer their brand over others.

Sony jumped in this Tablet Competition and employed its tech-energies to introduce best working Tablet in the market. Let’s review Sony Xperia Tablet Z in detail;


1. Crystal Clear Display

10.1 inches Display of Xperia Tablet Z is crystal clear, its viewing angle and clarity is just like HDTV. People who created Sony BRAVIA TV presented their efforts to produce this Android Tablet. Thanks to Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 that plays a significant role in improving the quality of display. Its widest Color Spectrum will let you enjoy real looking images.

2. Design

Sony has used OmniBalance Design in Xperia Tablet Z that means balance and symmetry is smartly managed in every direction. OmniBalance approach keeps perfect balance of Design and Technology. Round edges and overall surface is surrounded by reflective material. Display and lens have brought closer in display so that user can enjoy enhanced touch experience. Sony Experts especially designed its borders to improve the viewing angle.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

3. Super Fast Processor

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is powered by Super Fast 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor; it’s a powerful processor and performs efficiently without putting extra burden on battery. This efficient processor supports multi-tasking.

4. Durable

This innovative Tablet is durable and successful passed drop tests. Moreover it is also resistant to dust/water.

5. Competitors

Xperia Tablet Z will face tough competition from following Tablets;

  • Google Nexus 10
  • Apple iPad 4

Specifications of Sony Xperia Tablet Z

  • Dimensions: 172x266x6.9mm
  • Weight: 495 grams
  • Platform: Jelly Bean (Google Android 4.1)
  • Display: 10.1 inches TFT
  • Camera: 8.1 MP
  • RAM: 2GB

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