The new XDCAM EX CAMCORDERS have great shoulder mount model with DVCAM Recording facilities. These address specific needs within the production community if you are working with fresh video making products. The solid-state digital production can deliver new levels of creativity as well as flexibility for new camcord facilities.


The products can work through the CMOS memory camcorder that can result from customer feedback. The shoulder mounts model PMW-350 and the PMW-EX1R works with DVCAM that records all the possibilities of customer feedback. It first got introduced with XDCAM EX along with new expansions of customers’ production needs. There have to be some of the regrouping of the famed Sony Electronics with the fresh and new developments of the solid state of the art facilities. The design got totally flexible to expand some of the state productions of Sony Electronics with improved achievements and features. There are different features, performance and ergonomics with the newly improved qualities.

The proper and full-mounted PMW-350 camcorder has about 2/3 inch Exmor with full HD 1920×1080 CMOS imagers along with high sensitivity F12. This is also about studio-configuration coming with the fresh timecode that goes in or out with HD-SD and HDMI. The camcorder features have different recording options with some high design professionals with low centered gravity as well as light weighing ensured qualities. This is quite operational with UI layout and brings about a lens packaged model, PMW-350K.

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  1. Sony makes great products that people actually want.

  2. Good news for outdoor shooters, movie shooting at ease

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