Sony Upgrades PS3Sony has just upgraded PS3 Firmware patch v2.70 to add some nice text chat features in your consoles.

It seems that Sony has got habitual to unearth its updates in regular tiny morsels, and must not consider this update that will give all the experience of a new Xbox Experience to you. But you would definitely find some nice functionality in it. Here, is a list what you can get.

The real worth-mentioning feature is its new Text Chat system, so the name seems to reveal everything what it has. Yup! It is quite similar to an IM program for the PS3. So, you will be able to talk with more than 15 other players and indulge yourself in three different chats in a one given time.

This feature runs in its background, so you can continue your chat whether you are in or out of games. So, you will be able to easily organize your PSN fellows in a multiplayer game.

You will also find it easier to sort your friends list and organize it according to their online status.

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  1. Sony Upgrades PS3 Firmware is so useful and so many benefits and get a large information to users

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