Despite the loss it faced in the first quarter of this year, Sony has launched the much talked about trio of fresh DSLRs recently. This triangle consists of a230, a330 and a380. All these three are full size digital SLR cameras. Another striking feature is the light weightiness.

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On the lower end, a230 and a330 come with a 10.2 MP sensor plus a wide 2.7” LCD display. On the other hand, the a380 features a 14.7 MP sensor which is quite an outstanding feature. Though performance of a camera is not solely dependant upon the number of megapixels it facilitates; but no one can deny the charisma of greater number of MPs.

These cameras are lightweight; with the a230 having captured the title for “World’s Lightest DSLR” for its feature spec. It weighs a mere 450 g. The a330 adds another appealing feature of a titling LCD display.  This helps you while you want to capture an object for which you have to move your head and neck along with your hands and arms; a tilting LCD simply angles to give you a better approach to the object.

 sCredit: sonystyle

Sony has included some sort of Tutorial with example images to explain certain terms and functions, especially for the newbie lot. HDMI output is also included. Though pricing is not confirmed yet, but the rumors set a230 around £490; a330, £530; and a380, £665.

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