Sony is very vigilant about technological revolution and keep itself engage in employing latest tech based changes in its products and sub-products. This time Sony has launched the “CXD3271GW” LSI which can be used in wireless transfer technology TransferJet. LSI offers a transmission speed of 350Mbps and its receiving sensitivity is matchless. Sony also presented this high-tech masterpiece in International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

Main Features

  • It features SDIO UHS-1 as host interface.
  • Its receiving sensitivity is remarkable.
  • It will reduce power consumption by 34%.
  • Its software development kit is available for Android and Linux
  • Decreases parts count
  • Most compatible with Smartphones

Highest Receiving Sensitivity

Very first TranferJet LSI was launched in 2009 and with its launch Sony endorsed an innovative approach for transfer and sharing of high quality images and videos. Use of Wireless Communication LSIs has increased with the growth of Smartphone and Tablet markets. Intensive use of Smartphones induced Sony to come up with new and improved TransferJet compatible LSI “CXD3271GW” which carries the capabilities of providing high transmission speed and most prominent receiving sensitivity.

Extraordinary Transmission Speed

SDIO UHS-1 is supported by LSI which acts as its host interface. LSI has introduced an improved device driver design that presents smooth environment for high speed communications, its design and structure improves the transmission speed f LSI up-to 350Kpbs.

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