The first thing that attracts about the new Sony PlayStation 3 is that it happens to be one of the most expensive gaming machines around. It costs somewhere around £425 in the UK market. So getting more into the machine, Sony has come up with an entertainment hub with this model. It allows the users to play Blu-ray discs with excellent sound quality. It has the capacity to download music as well as videos and displaying digital quality photos. In other words, this would be one of the cheapest Blu ray players available to the consumers.


The PlayStation 3 is well designed and well built but is dimensionally larger than the Xbox 360. However, it is not as heavy as the previous one. It comes along with a wireless controller and doesn’t make any background noises while playing. The real quality feel comes from the touch sensitive tools in the machine. The main AV connection comes to the HDMI that can carry a 1080p video to any compatible projector or screen and also has a lossless 7.1 channel surround sound system to the receiver. There are other components along with it such as the multipurpose AV output and the optical digital output that can be fitted to any scart or video adapters.

In order to make it more user-friendly, Sony has also provided an Ethernet port as well as the built-in Wi-Fi ports. This simplifies the whole process of connecting to the network. There is a memory card as well as a USB port that can transfer the files to the 60GB hard drive and also connects up the other peripherals.

So how does it run?

As soon as the console is switched on, it comes up with a clear and a crisp menu to access the media, games or any other settings. However, the Xbox blades menu gives you a feeling of operating something expensive. In order to access the video menu, you need to slip in the Blu-ray disk. It takes a while for the movie menu to load and this disappoints the Blu-ray associated technology lovers. Also, you do not get a proper remote control with the PS3.

However, to conclude with, the Blu-ray feature is the only one that comes across as being truly “fantastic”. The other features do not come across as something extraordinary. On the whole, the product could be termed as purely cinematic.

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