Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation this whole chain comes into mind when we think of Sony and why not? Because this global tech brand has proved itself simply “The Best” in the field of electronics and digital technology. Once again it offered a superb reason to trust this brand with the launch of “IPELA Engine” which is great milestone Sony ever achieved.

What is IPELA Engine?

IPELA Engine presents highest picture quality and offers a broad dynamic range of 130db in High Definition quality with 30 frames per second. This is truly a breakthrough in the tech industry and it will enable users to enjoy improved image visibility. With the launch of IPELA engine Sony has introduced highest degree of picture quality, thanks to its recently developed incorporated signal processing system which is a key player in providing highest picture quality. Furthermore, a new and improved CMOS image sensor “Exmor” enhance its signal reading function and improves the process of noise reduction.

Breakthrough in Security Cameras

IPELA Engine is a wonderful blend of Sony’s distinctive signal processing and video analytics technology, in other words you can say that it is a breakthrough in technology of security cameras.

Following 4 components make IPELA Engine unique and performance-driven;

  •   View-DR
  • High Frame Rate
  •  DEPA Advanced
  • Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction (XDNR)

IPELA Engine will be housed in the latest and upcoming security camera products in Fall 2012.

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