Sony’s plan to launch Tablet with Android 3.0 in this summer, is it going to be iPad 2 Challenger? Growth of Tablet market is touching the sky. Tablets have become everyone’s favorite. All the leading multinational companies have focused their attentions and energies towards this field. Sony has also decided to earn its pie.

iPad Rival

Sir Howard Stringer has announced that Sony will unveil its Tablet device in this summer. The main question that is bothering everyone is, Why Sony has decided to take this initiative? One and only justification is to compete and attempt to beat the Apple. Apple has earned and still earning a lot from its Tablet devices especially Apple iPad, this profit potential induced Sony to jump into this field.

Nikkei, the famous Japanese newspaper has leaked out some information. Sony is expected to release its first iPad somewhere around this summer. Samsung and LG, main competitors of Sony in electronic world are already producing the Sony Tablets. That’s why Sony has decided to challenge the Samsung, LG and none other than Apple.

Apple is the main player in the field of Tablets. Sony has planned to compete with this tech giant with the help of honeycomb operating system Android 3.0. There are many rumors about this up-coming Sony iPad, regarding its design. Many people are of the point of view that Sony has adopted different design for its iPad.

What will be the exclusive features of Sony’s up-coming Tablet? It is still a mystery. Keep your fingers crossed. Keep on waiting for this cool device by Sony in the hot summers of 2011.ok

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