Sony Mobile Communications is trying to make sure that they create better market place for the Xperia devices that they have launched in the market and therefore they are focusing on better marketing that can create more buzz for it. Sony has now come up with an interesting smart challenge that will check the creativity and eye for better details. Sony has announced the new Xperia Smart Challenge that will be available for all the users across the world. The challenge is simple and easy but requires excellent attention for details.

Sony has come up with some pictures that are available on the site and users have to look into the pictures deeper to find some of the top Sony Xperia devices. The company said that they have hidden Xperia Z, Xperia ZL and Xperia Z tablet into the pictures in a smart and creative way and that is what users will have to look out for microscopically into the pictures. The Smart Challenge allows the users to zoom in the pictures and locate the devices in five different pictures and users that are able to find more devices will have the chance to win Xperia Z which is the first prize that Sony is offering.

The challenge also allows non-Sony users to participate in the contest using their Facebook and Google accounts and therefore there will be more people looking into the contest. The Xperia Smart Challenge ends this week and participants might also win a three day trip to Maldives.

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