VAIO Z Series Notebook PC

It has been revealed that Sony is increasing the range of its vaio Z series by unveiling some latest addition to the Z series and the release date as announced by company for UK is that of March. The latest models are as mind blowing as that of their predecessors, the company has showed up the specifications and features of the new models which shows that they’ll be having 6GB of RAM, the Intel core i7 processor NVidia GT 330M GPU which is just exactly as one desires to have. The advancement of Z series by Sony will add up to the status in the international markets and the company will be able to get huge profit out of it.

Photo by Sony Electronics
Photo by Sony Electronics

Crafted with carbon fiber the laptop weighs about 1.45g with a 1.31 inch display and with the thickness of 3.27mm it is claimed to be the thickest. In a media discussion this claimed has came from Sony’s side “Extreme performance and mobility doesn’t come at the expense of business-class comfort” and it further adds “A built-in ambient light sensor detects surrounding light levels, automatically switching on keyboard backlighting for accurate typing while dimming screen illumination to save power as necessary”. So it’s just more than awesome and this new announcement has made people desperate to wait for the release of these laptops.

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