So what would be having a small device on yourself that is equivalent of having a 750 inch screen with you all the time feel like? Well, this is what Sony HMZ- T3W Head mounted display is all about. This is a third generation Head mounted display from the packs of Sony. It comes with Oculus rift and the newly built vrAse to head start its journey this year into the market arena. This is considered to be a revolution producing product as the headset offers Wireless HD connectivity to mobiles, personal computers and consoles anywhere. With 3D viewing at 24 frames per second speed, it provides a wholesome cinematic experience. Thus, giving meaning to the metaphor of viewing a 750 inch screen with 360 degree 7.1 virtual surround sound which can make your time amazing and give you exhilaration like never before.

Sony HMZ- T3W Head mounted display comes with two OLED panels which deliver a 3D picture with true cinema playback and offers battery back-up of non-stop three hours with seven hours of HDMI connect content at your service. Also built for gaming purposes offering zero latency, it is the new age hi-tech stuff like never before and a game changer in itself. The only downside is the price which is set up as $2,022 which seems too large but for such a device which can be called a miniscule bomb in itself, it seems cheap. So get one and step up into the world of high definition technology like never before!

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