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Sony is one of those companies of the world which has got a high reputation in each of the industry for which it develops products either it is a laptop or a mobile phone. The digital cameras and camcorders industry also contains some of the really awesome products by Sony and many of the professional photographers prefer Sony’ products because of their better reliability and higher performance. The camcorder by Sony which I am reviewing in this article is the new ‘DCR-SE58E’ by Sony which is light weight, compact and gives you the desirable comfort to shoot long videos.


This camcorder contains up to 80GB internal hard disk drive which gives you the space even more than your imagination to save the precious memories of present for the future. The design is also very good and stylish one and the light weight helps you in carrying this with you for whole day without getting tired. Some of the tremendous capabilities of this camcorder are 60x zoom, 6.7 cm LCD, steady shot and face detection and to know more about these features check the section below.


  1. This camcorder comes with a vario-tessar lens which gives you the clearest ever videos and the 60x zoom brings every object close to your vision no matter how far it is present. The zoom feature is so efficient that it brings everything closer without affecting the picture quality.
  2. The steady shot technology is a kind of automatic image stabilization which reduces the effects of camera shake while video shooting thus you can easily rely on the clarity and sharpness of the video quality.
  3. It has an enhanced face detection technology which now identifies up to 8 faces in a scene and thus automatically adjusts the lens according to that which as a result gives you perfect quality video.
  4. It contains a 6.7cm/2.7 inch wide color LCD which gives you ease to manage the controls of the camcorder and also helps in storing and managing your stuff on the HDD.
  5. The video light illuminates your subject to get the more clear video while indoor shooting and night time scenes. Thus there is no need to worry about the lightening conditions while shooting the video.
  6. The direct copy feature lets you transfer your contents directly to another external hard-disk drive without the need to go to the PC first.


  • Depth (mm): 107
  • Height (mm): 65
  • Width (mm): 56
  • Weight without Tape/Battery (g): 280
  • LCD: Size: 6.7cm / 2.7″
  • Lens: Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
  • f (Focal Distance) (mm): 1.8-108
  • f (35mm conversion): Camera mode (mm): 16:9 Mode . 39-2340/ 4:3 Mode . 44-2640
  • f (35mm conversion): Memory mode (mm): 16:9 Mode . 49-2944 / 4:3 Mode . 44-2640
  • Scene Selection: Twilight / Twilight Portrait (Still only) / Candle / Sunrise & Sunset / Fireworks / Landscape / Portrait / Spotlight / Beach / Snow
  • Minimum Illumination (lux): 3 lux (1/25 Shutter Speed)
  • SteadyShot (Image Stabilisation): SteadyShot Active Mode
  • Recording Media: 80GB HDD, Memory Stick PRO Duo/High Speed/Mark II, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, SD/SDHC Memory Card (Class 2 or higher)
  • Movie Quality: HQ (9Mbps) / SP (6Mbps) / LP (3Mbps)

This is thus a very fantastic camcorder which has come up with a very exciting style and light weight which gives you an ease to carry it with you for a long time. The capabilities of his camcorder are also good because of the enhanced technologies and ultra-high power that is even more than that of your desires.

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  1. How do you edit movies taken on a Sony DCR-SR58E?
    Can you edit in the camera, or do you have to download the video onto a computer and then edit?

  2. I use ADOBE Premior Pro 1.5 for editing but appear to be unable to use this program with the Sony DCR-58E which I recently bought. How can I edit and produce a good quality DVD from this camera? My old camera is a Sony DSR-PD170P which is superb but heavy, hence I bought the ’58E. Help please!

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