Smartwatches are evolving rapidly and smartphone makers are ensuring that they deliver the best. Sony is certainly in the forefront of this race and at the CES 2015 Sony introduced new products, partners and experiences to make their SmartWear range even better. The event saw the launch of their new SmartWatch 3, SmartBand SWR10, Lifelog app and other technologies that can be integrated well with their latest Xperia devices.

The all new SmartWatch 3 is Sony’s new take to improve the entire smartwatch experience. SmartWatch 3 comes in beautifully crafted stainless steel design that matches contemporary lifestyle. It features 1.6 inches 320 X 320 TFT LCD Transflective display and is IP68 certified. Sony also introduced the next generation SmartBand SWR10 which is another wearable device that blends well with the latest fashion and design and allows individuals to wear technology.

SmartBand SWR10

At the CES, Sony also introduced Lifelog which is another popular Android app that allow users to set their personal goals, monitor their progress and improve on making better choices. Sony has introduced better strategies that brings new functionality and features to this app to ensure that users can experience it in a different way. Sony also showcased other wearable concepts and contextual sensor technologies at the event.

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