Sony made up its mark in the field of smartphones and digital cameras and now Sony is trying to incorporate better camera features into their smartphones that can offer much more to the consumers. Just a few days ago, Sony decided to bring out new Xperia Camera apps that can offer better features and camera options to the consumers. Now, Sony has come up with few more updates that can offer developers better ways to integrate with the Sony Smart Social Camera apps. Sony announced that they are happy to announce the release of the Sony Add-on SDK 2.0 that will help fresh talent and partners to team up in a better way.

Sony said that it is always a great idea to offer more freedom to the developers so that they can integrate various camera apps into Smart Social Camera experience that they would like to offer to their consumers. The smartphone maker also revealed that they have already talked to few developers that will optimize their apps for Xperia Z1 Smart Social Camera. Many developers claim that the SDK integration has made it easier for them to come up with better apps that will make the user experience even better.

Developers also believe that Sony has finally come up with full camera centered application and add-on ecosystem that will attract more developers in the future. Sony has also made use of the right camera, processor and display technology that also offers speed and convenience to the user. App developers also claim that consumers today always look out for better camera apps and that is something that Sony has been working for. Sony is also looking out to collaborate with some other app developers to offer better results and introducing better apps that users can enjoy on the new Xperia smartphones from Sony.

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