All the tech savvy users must be aware about the rivalry that continues between Microsoft and Apple. Both these companies are known to borrow ideas from each other and at the same time as Windows 7 takes a lot of inspiration from the OS X, there are some nifty things in the Windows 7 which we would like to see in Apple.

Taskbar thumbnails

Windows 7’s new-fangled Taskbar is evidently encouraged by OS X’s quay, however the taskbar thumbnails that show the little images of all the open windows when you scroll the mouse over the program icon appears impressive. The OS X tray gets extremely cluttered when a lot of applications are open and when all the windows are minimized. If Apple could just adopt this one from Windows, it would simplify the user experience in OS.

Touch-screen input

In a number of ways, Apple is quite in front of Microsoft as soon as it comes to touch input. It is already in the process of shipping the touch enabled kit and Apple plans on using the touch on the tracking pad, however the multi-touch screens with windows are much more windows.


Libraries are like the folders that you search on the computer. All you need to do is create a library for any particular subject or any project and drag all the files and the folders you wish for from the local storage or any of the connected PCs and you can see them all in one single location. It’s a great way to manage all the related content on one single location. You can also manage content on different locations of the PC. Home groups are the highly developed libraries and a great way to share information for all those who are not equipped with the networking knowledge.

Media Centre

The Front Row available in Apple is huge, save for it’s in reality just a front end for iTunes and the iTunes Store. On the other hand, Windows’ Media Centre is an appropriate home entertainment system that makes use of TV tuners to broadcast live TV and private video recording.

Netbook compatibility

Windows 7 has been designed in such a way that it can be compatible with any hardware and can install from a USB drive for the reason that people like netbooks. Apple does have the same capabilities but it is not convincing enough.

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