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Some details of Microsoft coming 3DV motion tech

Posted May 13, 2009 by Aftab in Tech News

Microsoft is expected to come up at E3 2009 with its 3D motion-sensing camera controller for the Xbox360 and if you are looking to find it out what’s it going to unveil, we have come up with some of its details. However, it’s worth-mentioning that Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything officially yet. The rumors about the unveiling of the new Xbox 360 3D motion cam have been fuelled by Wall Street Journal reports.

 SCredit: warzonegamer

However, what has emerged until now is that the buyout of Israeli 3D motion-sensing camera technology has been confirmed by the software giant and now its developing a new 3DV system technology to sense images. However, the moot question is what kind of this Wiii-killer technology really is and how it works? Some details that have emerged on 3DV website describes the tech in as: “This new revolutionary technology provides in depth info regarding each and every pixel that can be captured from

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some camera and it does the same with color video, The technology has been based on TOF (Time of Flight) principle and the information are captured to look at infra-red light pulses to other objects in the scene and sensing for the reflection of the light. “The given D pixels in some camera sense information related to the given objects in some scene and then they are arranged in layers that offer in-depth information in standard black and white video in which the level of grey seems to correlate with the given distance. There is also a color imaging sensor that offer color data.” According to the company’s claims in-depth superior imaging in the real time can be performed with this technology that uses no or a little CPU at all. The details about the Product Evolution of its 3D video cameras have also emerged on its website. Source: techradar

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