Recently in Japan a major investment bank had reported a case where 60,000 customer records were stolen this way. News like this is now a very common part of web life.

Data theft has been going very widespread these days, whether it has been done by insiders or outsiders, hackers can give you great shock at any moment. In these tough economic times data theft by hackers is on the rise. Many cases of data theft have been heard, using another users account and password. This allows the criminal to throw suspicion off themselves and on to innocent co-workers.

This is yet another reminder of the importance of protecting your account password. Here is some advice to protect yourself.

  • Do not share your password with anyone. Not even a system administrator.
  • Use a complex password.
  • Do not write down your password anywhere.
  • Avoid entering your password when someone is standing behind you.
  • Do not use the same passwords for every account.
  • If you suspect someone has obtained or used your account then change your password immediately.

Some Tips for Creating Effective Passwords

To forget a password is not a big deal. You can create some effective passwords which are complex yet easy to remember. Follow these simple rules and regulations which  must meet for a complicated  password:

  • 8-10characters or greater in length
  • At least 1 upper & lower case letter
  • At least 2 numbers but not at the beginning or end
  • At least 1 symbol (!/&\=+“@$%*?) if acceptable to the system

This sounds difficult but below is an easy way to make complex passwords that are memorable:

1. Create a phrase that you will remember “I met Kelly at her home  in the month of January in 2004in Australia

2. Use the first character of each word. (Hint – keep mix of upper/lower case) ImK@hhitmoJi04iA

3. Use symbols where sound or emphasis would be natural (Ex: at = @) ImK@hhitmoJi04iA

End result is a very complex password that would be impossible to guess and difficult for even a hacker to crack. Ironically it would be very easy for the user to remember.

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