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Despite the praise Apple’s iPad has gained in this short time, it is not a flawless machine. Users have been facing issues that are bothering them while using their iPad. This is why I am going to discuss those problems and their solutions in this article. Just keep in mind that if there is a severe disorder that your iPad is undergoing, take it to service centre or the store form where you bought it. Now, let us have a look at these problems and possible solutions.

1. Charging issue:

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Surely, most of the iPad users are facing charging issues. Yes, the iPad charges very slowly and sometimes it does not get charged at all. If you connect the iPad to your desktop or laptop; you are not going to see the “charging” icon if the model of computer is old. Even with some new laptops, the iPad doesn’t charge. This is because this machine is a power hungry gadget and thus, needs a greater power supply to get charged. Therefore, it is better to plug it directly into the main switches so that it gets ample power for charging. Also, you can tackle the slow charging issue by putting your iPad to Sleep Mode. This is as simple as this.

2. Wi-Fi issues:

Not most of the iPad users but few face this problem regarding the Wi-Fi connection. It happens that all of a sudden, you are unable to browse windows and surf the internet, though the signals on your Wi-Fi connection icon are unaltered. Such a situation flabbergasts the users, of course. The only solution yet is restarting your iPad. Switch it off, wait for a minute, restart it and your Wi-Fi connection will be working perfectly once again.

3. Synchronization:

Sometimes, the iPad and your PC get disorderly while syncing contacts and calendar from Outlook. Though the iPad is well developed for nicely performing this task, it sometimes gets confused and nothing is synced properly. Obviously it is possible; it is only a machine and system of a machine can get muddled. The best way to deal with this issue is as simple as the above mentioned solution; reset your iTunes Sync History. This can be done by going to the iTunes menu, choosing Edit, then Preferences, then Device History and then Reset Sync History. After that, start syncing again and you will be doing the task easily.

4. Network issues:

Sometimes it happens that you put your iPad in sleep mode while charging or for any other purpose. After you wake it up, your machine begins losing the network signals. Hopefully this is a software problem that Apple will address in its next software update. Right now, the solution that is with me will sound strange but it works. In fact, many users have told on Apple’s discussion board that it worked well with them. When you face such a situation, all you have to do is turn up the brightness slowly. Who knows why it works; but people say that it works when they face this problem. Try it the next time you have network issue.

5. Word Count issue:

God knows why Apple did not include this very important and basic feature in the iPad software. Of course the word count does not matter to those who write casual letters etc. but it does bother those who are into professional writing. For all those users who are irritated by absence of a word count feature in iPad, there is an app in the Apple’s App Store called Pastebot. This will cost them £1.79 but works very well. It allows the user to copy many items on to the clipboard including images. The text that you select is automatically counted in terms of words and characters. If you are not in a mood to spend money, then there are few websites that offer a quick word count on your pasted text.

6. Document Exporting issue:

It is being said that exporting just created or altered documents from iWork to PC or Mac is messy and lengthy. There is an easy way to handle this issue, provided that you have a Wi-Fi connation on your iPad. Just email those documents to your mailing id and open the mail on your Mac or PC. Simple, isn’t it?

7. iTunes Recognition issues:

This is another issue where the iTunes do not recognise the iPad once it is connected to PC or Mac. This is also because of the USB issue. All you need is the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer system, and connect the iPad to a USB 2.0 port. Don’t forget to unplug all the other connected devices as this machine is power hungry. If this does not work, then restart your iPad as well as the PC or Mac. After that, reconnect these machines with one another and hopefully, the iTunes will recognize iPad this time.

8. App Store issue:

As the iPad has not been launched in any country but USA, rest of the world is either waiting for its release in their respective countries or have found a way to get their hands on this attractive gadget. If by any means someone outside the USA has been able to acquire an iPad, they are facing a problem which is genuinely annoying. They are unable to get apps from the Apple App Store as it does not allow anyone to get apps if they are not in the US.

There is no need to panic my dear fellows, as I have the solution to this problem of yours. Apple stops you from downloading apps directly from your iPad, but not from your Mac or PC. Therefore, download the required apps on to your PC or Mac via iTunes, and get them synced with your iPad. Also, there is an alternate solution to this issue; go create a US iTunes Store account.

I hope these tips will benefit you in time of dire need.

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