The first Touchscreen mobile phone by Nokia is the Xpress Music5800. It was launched in the year 2008, and was praised by tech circle. Though it was already equipped with a lot of nice features like accelerometer, a virtual QWERTY keyboard, wireless connectivity, TV out, 3.2 mp camera, GPS, and large memory; Nokia has recently announced the update to 5800 software.

This updated software will give a new look and certain features to the Phone. In other words, it will become a newer phone after updating the software. All the new features are free of cost, besides the data charges. These new features include a quicker download time, a speedier user interface, and a brand new camcorder. A secondary camera will be there for still image capture as well as video telephony. The inbuilt 3.2 mp camera will be given an extra Burst mode, which will allow the users to capture multiple photos with one click.

Another vital updated feature is the Mobile Dictionary with voice playback for better pronunciation and understanding. The dictionary supports 38 languages, which is certainly not a little feature. Another Application Updating feature will automatically check for updates to applications and software, and download them without prompting every now and then. This is indeed a fine piece of update by Nokia, which will interest the users.

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  1. i want to know the total coust of this nokia 5800 to my country liberia

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