Power of Social Networking

In April 2010, ComScore, the marketing company reported there are 17 million unique Twitter users, with Facebook coming in at 67.5 million and MySpace at 71 million. Just think about the numbers and their potential. It is kind of a mass participation in a revolution.

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Social network is nothing but a social relationships in terms of network theory consisting of nodes & ties. Nodes are the individual person within the network, & ties are the relationships between persons. Social networking is used to connect people with current friends, meet new friends, or may be simply to find others with same interests or problems. Sites such as Facebook, twitter allow people or organizations to create profile, a network and generate new contacts and followers.

However Social Networking platforms such as these are not just for playing online social games, taking quizzes, sending virtual gifts or reconnecting with friends and family any more. The fact of today is Social Networking is another way to advertise yourself and your business for free or at a very low cost. Also you will see social network is helping us, the human being to be more human!

Business network has great potential to influence our current economy. Organizations can use every available technique to attract new customers & vendors. Name & brand security are also assured by websites. Social networking today is just like having a tool box full of free tools just needs to know how to use them.

A very recent incident will reveal that these websites are now used for good, not only frivolity. These websites become powerful tools for social change.

A trio of students of Stanford Graduate School of Business in California posted a video to YouTube. The video promotes an organization. The organization hopes to save the lives of millions of prematurely born babies. In India and other developing nations every day thousands of premature babies take birth. The students created an innovative low cost baby incubator which may solve the problem.

The CEO of India’s first interactive digital-billboard company noticed the video on YouTube.

That instant digital connection to Mumbai was unthinkable before the era of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It is the focus of “The power of social Technology.

Another student launches an effort on the Internet to find South Asian bone-marrow donors for two friends who were critically ill with leukemia. This is an example of the power of a community to galvanize change. Now platform like Facebook is used as a tool to create micro mass mobilization.

Who is the winner?

Does this matter? In terms of overall traffic, Facebook seems to still be the winner. But Twitter is emerging as a powerful platform for business because it is expansive; it also introduces you to new people, rather than merely reconnecting you with the folks you already know.

So, it certainly has a nice presence already, considering how quickly it’s grown from just a few million users’ months ago.

Facebook is one of the most social of all Social Networking sites.  Most people are hooked into Facebook to connect to family and friends and people they have not seen in a long time.  Facebook provides fun in newer ways. There are games to play, silly gifts to give and all kinds of other Fun things to do.  However, there are many ways that Facebook can be used to promote your business as well.  It has the option of creating a business account, “Business accounts are designed for individuals who only want to use the site to administer Pages and their ad campaigns“.

On February 23, 2010, Facebook got US Patent No. 7,669,123, which covers patent on a method for dynamically providing a news feed about a user of a social network.

In Twitter, connections which are profitable occur all the time. Shel Israel, for his forthcoming book “Twitterville”, has told the story of a man buying a house in New Hampshire via a conversation that began on Twitter. A Toronto-area fundraiser collected $25,000 for charity thanks to Twitter. Micropayment systems such as TwitPay and Tipjoy are taking hold in the Twitterverse, threatening to transform Twitter into the world’s cheapest real-time garage sale.

These stories and more help to explain why investors increasingly see Twitter as a platform for business development.

Everything is not so good

Social networking sites can bring out insecurities in people. As per Rita Florez in her “Status Foe: Aging and Anxiety on Social Networks,” many people who use social networking sites such as Facebook feel pressured to aggrandize their lives to compete with socially constructed beliefs about success.

To conclude, good or bad social networking is here and will stay for a while until another technological expression comes into picture. Meanwhile, get in touch with me in Facebook or Twitter.

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