New figures released show that smartphones have assumed a similar dominant share of the mobile phone market in the US as they have claimed in the UK over the last few years. The research published by Nielsen indicates that smartphones are now the most popular type of mobile phone available with approximately half of all mobile phone users in America, which matches the near 50 percent share of the mobile market that the smartphone has already secured in the UK.

The dominance of the smartphone over standard feature mobile phones on offer in the UK, is largely accounted for by the astonishing success of the iPhone range manufactured by Apple, but according to Nielsen, the number of mobile phone users in America who now claim to be using smartphones has reached 49.7 percent, which represents a significant increase on the 6 percent US mobile phone market share claimed by the smartphone the year before.

Again this increase in dominance is being led by the iPhone, which is the smartphone of choice for close to a third of all smartphone users in America, with 32.1 percent, compared to the nearest rival, which is Blackberry with 11.6 percent of the market.



The overall growth of this market has occurred in just the last three months, which have seen over two-thirds of all those buying a mobile phone in America opting to purchase a smartphone rather than a feature phone. This switch to smartphones has been fuelled by consumer enthusiasm for those devices equipped with the highly rated Android operating system, with 48 percent of those who told Nielsen that they had chosen to buy a smartphone rather than a feature phone also stating that they had opted for a device featuring the Android OS. Nielsen surveyed thousands of mobile users as part of their Mobile Insights study.

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