When you are thinking of upgrading your wrist watch by getting a new smart watch, then you need to consider quite a few things. The more brands you see, the more confusion starts to build. Some renowned names that are challenging classic watches are Fossil Q range, apple watch series 2, Tag Heuer Connected Module 45, Samsung Gear S3 etc.

These are all pricy names, so before spending money you need to consider the following features:

Smart watches are no longer toys meant exclusively for the enjoyment of geek’s only. From supervising our heart rate to exhibiting notification from our smart phones, running apps etc. smart watches does a lot of things in addition to just notifying time.

Consider Apps:

Along with various other features, Apps are a very important component for smart watches. Majority of these gadgets come with complete app stores from Yelp to Uber almost everything. Just like smartphone considerations, for smart watches also you need to check the app features before buying it. If apps ranks first in your priority list then Apple is the best option for you, though Android wear has gained a fair ground, but people still definitely show more interest for Apple. On the other hand LG Gizmo Gadget is more proficient in texting stuff than apps & for Tizen OS (Samsung’s homegrown) major section of developers don’t put much faith in the system.

Compatibility with your mobile:

While you are in the smart watch shopping mode you need to check the compatibility of it first. In the present scenario greater portion of the devices running on Android Wear Google’s operating system designed for wearable, support IOS. So make sure you are getting a watch which can support the current version of IOS or Android Wear 2.0. Just to remind you apple watches is meant only for IOS powered devices & there are no such watches which can be compatible with Windows Mobile phones or for Blackberry.

Fitness features:

If wearing gadgets on both of your wrists appear a bit silly then smart watch is the perfect solution. Along with other duties, it’s a nice option for a fitness tracker too. Watches like Nike+, Apple Watch Series 2 has incorporated GPS, so that they are able to monitoring your runs, without any support from a partner device. They also come with sensors for monitoring your heart rate. So when fitness features get priority in your list, then you need to choose what fitness features you want first.

Lasting battery:

Smart watches that come with smartphone type displays having the complete color spectrum like Android wear watches or Apple watches, on a single charge it can only be used just for a day. Just like your smartphone, you need to put them for charging every night before you go to sleep. Most of such watches will have a screen that goes off after a few seconds. The only option for reading time in that scenario will be either a home button or can also get triggered by motions like holding the watches close to your face.

Consider the look you want to wear:

While you are in a smart watch shopping mode, you need to remember it’s something that you are going to wear & unlike regular watches, style on smart watches changes at frequent intervals. So make sure you are buying something which you can wear for a long period of time.

It changes their style so often that balancing with every new product would be really difficult. However, people who have the passion for smart watches usually considers the look as the last factor. They need those other features in their wearable gadget first. On the other hand, if you really want to consider the look first then you need to visually experience them, instead of going through those reviews.


Smart watches are mostly expensive, like the ceramic Apple Watch Edition costs around $1,249 & more. By spending that much of amount you can surely buy quite a few iPhones (which are new in market). If you are buying this type watch for the very first time, then try to spend less, because you could end up not wearing them that much. In that scenario spending too much for a smart watch in not logical.

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