Skype one of the most famous applications not only in Europe but throughout the world has now brought some new and exciting facilities for the users. According to the recent release, now the video chat for groups in Skype has been enabled and up to 10 people can connect to each other via video conference call at a time.

This new facility is really a blessing for those who are connected to each other via internet and they have to do conference calls for their work. The announcement has been made on company’s website and according to that “The Second Beta of Skype 5.0 brings number of changes both outside and in – most importantly; you can now make group video calls with up to 10 people” and further “It also welcomes in a fresh new look, as well as increased stability and best quality when making group video calls”.

Now a new and better interface has been created for the latest version and this home screen allows you to see your contacts and mood messages, you can easily set your own mood messages and receive account notification. The learning more about Skype facility is also available for users on the main screen.

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