Sky TV announces that it has made an important move to bring 3D broadcasts for its UK viewers.
According to the broadcaster, its tests for delivering 3D content to viewers through HD set-top box have proved quite successful.

During the recent months, Sky has used 3D cameras to cover different events. To view 3D programs, 3D televisions, which are not currently available in the UK, are required and viewers are needed to wear 3D polarizing glasses.

BBC has already broadcast a rugby event in 3D to some audience at a theater in London. Sky also explains that the 3D content would be provided to homes straight through its Sky+HD set-top box.
Sky stressed that it wasn’t going for the launch of a product, but for the production of a technological expression.

In an interview with BBC News, Sky’s director Gerry O’Sullivan says that: “We have demonstrated that it’s technically possible and we have already found a way to deliver it to the viewers.”

“Some major Television makers have already started to consider the development of 3D TV sets and many prototypes will be displayed at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.”

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  1. Technological advancement has been evolving continuously faster than ever imagined. This announcement from Sky is such a good and interesting news to Britons who will have the chance to experience a more elevated form of TV entertainment. For sure most people specially those who enjoy watching TV at home will be looking forward to such an advancement as well as the development of 3D TV sets. That’s really something worth waiting for.

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