Are you a hard-core technical geek? Are you interested in everything related to fresh technology? Do you have every new gadget one can ever dream of? Is there nothing more important to you than enhancing your gadget tool kit? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you must proceed with reading this article, because it addresses you only!

Following are few such technological gifts for you, which can add to your tech tool kit, and make you a proud tech geek. Have a look at them, and decide by yourself that what is it that you want as an addition to your tech tool kit.

1. Touchscreen Kit for Net Books:

Net books are very much in demand these days due to their ultra portability. Laptops are though portable, but create a lot of problem when you are sitting in a compact train seat or flying in an air plane, with their otherwise in-demand big and wide screens. This is the reason that small and tiny net books came into the market to give ultra portability and convenience to the users.

To glamorize your little net book, Hoda Technologies have come up with an all fresh “Easy and Fun Touch Kit” for $95. As the name suggests, this fun touch kit turns your net book’s screen touch sensitive. Thus with less than 100 dollars, you can turn your dull little cheap net book into an all alluring Touchscreen mini laptop.

You can only avail this opportunity if you have 8.9- and 10.2 inch net books, or can hope to get one soon for your Dell mini 9 and Lenovo ideapad S10. Keep one thing in your mind that to install this kit, you will have to dismantle your beloved little laptop, and it might affect the warranty. So, think before you buy one. You can get one by online shopping from and

2. iPhone 3G Cases that Boost Battery:

Oh! So you are one amongst the lucky ones who possess the trendy iPhone 3G? But admit it, having an iPhone 3G is not only about being fortunate, there is a lot of hassle related to its battery issues. Of course, one cannot resist the urge of continuous interaction with the phone when it is a media player, gaming console, internet browser, path navigator, and call connector at the same time. Thus, an always-inclined-towards-down-battery is an obvious result.

The “Incase Power Slider” and “Mophie Juice Pack” are two phone cases for iPhone 3G, which work as rechargeable battery boosters. They are especially designed for this 3G phone, and both cost $100 each. The coating over these cases is designed for tight grip, and is soft to touch. If you want to know the status of remaining charge time, the included LED will do this work for you. So, you will get informed about the charging status of your iPhone 3G. Incase Power Slider is claimed by the company to deliver 5 extra hours of internet use or talk time, and Mophie claims it to be 6 hours with their phone case.

3. RED Digital Signals and Motion Camera System:

Read this part ONLY if you are extremely wealthy and do not have any reservations about spending lot of extra money on your gadgets. If you do not want manufactured and finished goods; and want to manufacture one for yourself by your own self, then you are one of those ardent tech geeks who have no confidence in what others make. Do you want to build your custom digital camera or camcorder, too? Fortunately, I have a solution for you, which is “RED Digital Cinema’s modular Scarlet and Epic system.” Too long a name, isn’t it? Figures of the cost to access this system are also very long, though.

It provides you with 8 “brain” (or package) options, from which you can choose one that suits your needs and requirements. These brains include all necessary equipment for building your own camera/camcorder, including image processing hardware, the sensor, and the lens mount etc. According to the company, there are 1,048,576 possible combinations with these brains.

Now, let us come to the price factor. The lowest end brain costs $2500, and the highest end brain goes for $53,000. This cost does not include the expanses of adding other new components to your system. You see, this is why I warned you in the very beginning!

4. DCS Black Shark Helicopter Sim and Saitek X52 Pro Flight System:

Digital Combat Systems have come up with their latest simulation “Black Shark Helicopter”, which is very likely to attract tech geeks’ attention. It can be downloaded for $50 only, and the work it does is awesome. Imitation done by this new program is wonderful, as it replicates almost everything; including the aerodynamic forces that influence each sub-element of the helicopter’s airframe; the comprehensive physics of turbo-shaft engine, with every element (the engine inlet, the compressor, and the combustion chamber etc) represented separately; and the electrical power production that nourishes the helicopter’s avionics, hydraulics, engines, and supplementary power.

5. Optoma Pico Pocket Projector:

How about possessing a portable projector, which you can put in to your pocket and project anything anywhere you want to? Appealing, isn’t it?  The Pico Pocket Projector by Optoma turns the dream into a reality. It will cost you $400.

It includes joining cables, which can attach it to a TV or any mobile device like PDA, digital camera, and even your iPod. This portable projector comes with a carrying case, an AC adaptor and 2 Li-ion batteries, that can last 90 minutes each, according to the company. The native resolution is 480 by 320, and the projector can project an image, from a distance of 8.5 feet, measuring 60” diagonally.

6. Falcon Northwest Match V:

What would be your reaction to a brand new PC with i7 processor and 12 GB of RAM? The new Falcon Northwest Match V is a speedster, indeed. The computer is packed with mind blowing recent technologies including 3.2 GHz Core i7 965 CPU that has been over-locked to 3.8 GHz; 12GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, and two ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics boards. This can be a wonderful gift for any tech geek. The hard to admit fact is its price; $7395.

Final Words:

Today, I have mentioned few technologies that can make any tech geek happier than ever. Though, some of them need you to be filthy rich; nonetheless you can go for the others. Next time, we shall meet with few more astonishing technologies.

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