Six Best Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars Of 2010

The hybrid cars have become a necessity and the future of automobile. Due to increase in demand of gasoline with dark prospect of fossil fuels in near future, hybrid cars will be the rule of the game. Furthermore the cities are developing and changing into bigger cities. This means that now cities will have bigger infrastructures on rough terrains. So for all the problems, a hybrid SUV, with powerful engine is the best decision. Following are the top 7 cars available in 2010 which are not only fuel efficient but also are powerful in rough terrain.

Ford Escape Hybrid

The basic contradiction has not changed about the term “green SUV “but now they have evolved. And it certainly is a huge benefit that many of the SUVs are now available as hybrids. If you want to buy one of the most fuel efficient SUV that can give approximately 32mpg combined, escape is your choice. You will have to pay a $9000 for the Escape hybrid version of $30,000. This monster car has some of the most brilliant features which include all wheel drive option as well (but you don’t want to use that as economy suffers).

Hybrid Volkswagen Toureg

On number two on the list is the hybrid Volkswagen. This car has it all.  Its extravagant features matches a Porsche, and without any doubt is best available option for those who can’t afford a Porsche. Under its hood it uses a supercharged V-6 engine and hybrid system, very strong yet fuel efficient like a Porsche. The hybrid Volkswagen due to a V6 is fast and gets around 26mpg combined. So what are you waiting for, buy one.

Honda CR-V

Third on the list is the freshened version of Honda CR-V starting at $21,545. Honda CR-V is now more advance, beneficially economical, provided with 14 more horse power from its standard 2.4 liter engine. The improved fuel economy gives 27miles per gallon. One of the best feature is special choices are available in versatile trims with an optional V-6. As far as Honda is concerned, they themselves admire what the four offers. In this model attention has been paid to reduce the road noise.

Toyota RAV-4

On number 4 is the SUV pretty similar to the Honda CR-V, the ToyotaRAV-4. With its history starting back in 1980s, this car has always been built with basic small and utilitarian concept. The two trims available a four cylinder 2WD and a V-6 with 4WD. The four cylinder 2WD gives 24 mpg and a V-6 with 4WD is 22 mpg. The V6 has about 100 more horsepower with amazing acceleration of 7.2 second 0-60 mph.

Subaru Forester

Fifth car on our list is the Subaru Forester, which is voted as the best small SUV by consumer reports in 2010. The basic features include 2.5 liter four cylinder engine offering an efficient performance and giving 22mpg overall. Like all Subareas, it comes with the 4WD. The best thing about this small SUV is the extra stretching out, spare room present in the back seat of the car giving it excellent reliability ratings.

BMW X6 Active Hybrid

X6 is on the sixth spot in our list, BMW’s first full hybrid vehicle. The car comes with a twin turbo V8 engine which produces 400 horsepower, duly supported with two pairs of beefy electric motors. The car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.4 seconds. Moreover the car can provide you with 17 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. The carbon emissions are also reduced by 20 percent in this X6 Hybrid Trim.

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