Tips on Christmas Budget Shopping

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will ring and the things that will make them ring is the carol practicing right within your heart”.

And with this carol we can also hear the tingle in our pockets as well. Festivals definitely do bring in a lot of excitement and happiness and along with it, burns holes in our pockets as well. How to manage this pre festival anxiety of shopping and yet enjoy this wonderful season of Advent. Let’s find out.


1. Open a saving a/c or start a piggy bank just for Christmas

Christmas will come every year so we can be well prepared and a wise advice is to open a saving account and save a particular amount every month or a standing instruction to transfer money to this account when you receive your paycheck or have a piggy bank marked “Only for Christmas” and drop in your extra pounds and dollars whenever you feel and it’s great to do it year long and then use it for your Christmas shopping.

2. Plan, List and Budget

You have heard this carol as well “Santa Claus is coming to town, he is making a list and checking it out” Yes it is indeed very important to list things down. Nothing can ever go wrong if you are well prepared and have your plan, list and budget set in front of you. How much gifts you need? How many cards you have to pick? What is your Christmas dress budget? Are the decorations in good shape or do we need to budget some decorations as well? The upholstery and furnishing do they need a change or can you manage with an extra set which you had made last year (it is still new). Just unwind yourself and make this list of needs just right enough.

3. Shop in advance, Shop during Sale

You don’t have to wait for the last minute for your shopping, plan your budget for gifts, cards, clothes, other essentials and buy them as and when you feel it suits your budget. All these things are available in store year long unless and until it is perishable. Annual or seasonal Sales are another option which you need to consider especially if you have a rather long list of gifts to be purchased. Also in the last minute shopping, we tend to shell out more that actual as prices always shoot up during festival times.


4. Wise Shopping

Have an idea what you need to pick and for whom as this will enable you to save time rather than hopping from one shop to another without an idea. Everything in the store is not for you; you pick up only what you want and are of utmost need. Also while buying ensure you ask for a good deal. Wise shopping is again when you make more of cash purchases than credit to avail of the cash discounts which is normally offered during festivals.

5. Quality Goods

Ensure that the goods you purchase are of good quality, like Christmas tree and decorations you don’t have to purchase every year so when you buy it once buy a good quality one which has durability and quality both. Here again always visit local shops and departmental stores as they also sell standard good quality good, you don’t always have to buy a branded things and spend more, be wise.

6. Shop Online

This is the time of online shopping so go ahead, while shopping online you again cut cost on your fuel expense and get great discounts. All these at a click of the mouse and in the comfort of your house. In any case ensure the site is genuine, the brand, the cost, compares with other site offers and then goes ahead.

All set and done, Christmas is not just about gifts, Santa Claus, Cakes and Christmas Balls; it has got a much deeper spiritual meaning. Christmas is about welcoming baby Jesus in our lives and making him the center of our lives. It’s true that the festivities come along with it, Indulge but don’t overdo this and lose the main significance of the festival.

Happy Advent, Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping the Christmas way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such superb ideas for Christmas Shopping. I think my holidays are going to be fun…

  2. With these excellent tips, I think I won’t be out of budget on this Christmas

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