For all those who have bought the first generation of the iPod Nano at the time when it was first released in 2005, you might just get yourself some extra cash in the settlement for the excessive number of scratches in the iPod; however, it is applicable only if you are in United States.

The payments would be paid as a result of a settlement made this week by the tech giant Apple after it was sued by a series of customers who claimed that the company sold a defective product.  The users further complained that the first generation of the iPod Nano were simply fragile as even something as soft as a paper towel was good enough to scratch the glossy layer of the Nano.

At the time when the claims were made, Apple disregarded the claims by including a sleeve cover in the Nano after the reviews received from the users using the first batch in the year 2005. According to the settlement, it has agreed to pay an extra $25 to all those customers who bought the model that did not include the cover and $10 to all those who bought an early Nano along with the cover. The complete settlement has turned out to be fairly expensive for Apple and has shelled out $22.5 million.

The sad news is that the Apple customers in other countries would not be offered the extra cash under the settlement, no matter how scratchy their devices have proved to be. The complete details of the US customers could be seen in the Apple’s order website.

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