HD Dual Cameras

The arrival of New Year has brought many new and latest technologies to the international markets and the digital camera industry has also got some very exciting new products. Earlier this month we have seen the release of COOLPIX range from Nikon and now Sanyo has brought another strong competition for Nikon by bringing three new HD dual cameras. The company has announced that three new dual cameras will be added to the Xacti range and each of them are offering 1080i HD video and up to 14 megapixels still photographs.

Photo by XiXiDu
Photo by XiXiDu

The pistol grip style which has achieved a huge round of applause from the international markets is now coming back with two new models CG20 and CG100 and both of them are pocket friendly. Both of these cameras offer up to 2TB of memory on SDXC card and 2.7 inch LCD screen. The third member of the new cameras is the Xacti VPC-GH1 which offers the same specifications as higher-end pistol grip model which includes compatibility with Eye-Fi-SD cards for the wireless card transfer. The three new cameras are just fantastic in their style and specifications which can create a great reputation of the company in the international markets.

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