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Samsung is one of the best company of the world which brings ease for you in every field of life and from house hold to personal usage appliances the Samsung products are just remarkable but it should be said that the TV, mobile and laptop market hasn’t really been matched with the portable audio division. We have seen too many tremendous players from Samsung and they are all unique in their features and performance.

The MP3 player under review is YP-Q1 by Samsung and it has got remarkable fame from the time it was first launched.  It has brought new technologies in playing music that now it is very easy to playback, select, record the music and the memory it offer is just outstanding.

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This is the latest MP3 player offered by Samsung and it continues to declare Samsung as a company who is challenging Apple’s position in the player’s market. It is very stylishly designed pocket sized player which has many better offerings for the playback and recording plus storage of media. The 16GB video Mp3 player with touchpad has impressed all the folks worldwide and the sale ratio is also very high in the international markets. Here I am going to discuss some fantastic features of this MP3 player so let’s have a look.


  1. The player has got a great look with the glossy plastic shell accentuated by the ultra bright blue LEDs embedded beneath the touch zones.
  2. The interface is very user friendly in its operations as the navigation is very simple and easy in this player.
  3. It can support multiple better formats for the media files and they are MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG and protected WMA files.
  4. Windows media videos are also supported with a resolution of 320×240 pixels and with a bit rate range up to 786kbps.
  5. It has multiple EQs for different places like hall, café, church and these EQs reproduce the sound exactly as they are produced really and thus it gives you a fantastic musical experience as if you were there.
  6. The DNS 3.0 speed control gives you the same quality of sound even when the audio is sped up or down. Like other players no distorting sound will be produced while performing the above mentioned activities.
  7. The larger 2.4 screen lets you understand and see the controls more clear than any other MP3 player makes you facilitates yourself from the exciting technologies.
  8. Through the picture menu you can enjoy watching your pictures very clearly.


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    Memory Capacity: A (4GB), C (8GB), E (16GB)

  2. FM Radio: Yes
  3. Storage Type: Flash Memory
  4. Display Resolution QVGA (320 x 240)
  5. Battery type: Li-Polymer
  6. Battery Playback Time (Audio): 30
  7. Battery Playback Time (Video): 4
  8. Display Screen: 2.4″
  9. Memory Voice Recording Time: Up to 279Hrs @ 16GB, Up to 137Hrs @ 8GB, Up to 67Hrs @ 4GB
  10. Dimensions for Package W x H x D: 132 x 132 x 33mm
  11. Dimensions for Master Carton W x H x D: 152 x 355 x 153mm
  12. Weight for Package: 210g
  13. Weight for Master Carton: 2.3kg

This is thus a very exciting new MP3 player but it also has some limitations like it has no supported for the basic WAV sound and the unlighted controls of the touch pad also seems annoying to many peoples, the touch pad is also very sensitive and it also has no facility for Bluetooth. Apart from that it is very fine in its performance and the sound quality is also too good and it is ideal to carry in your pocket.

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