This thing is not unknown from any one that the mobile phone competition among different developers of the world is getting intense day by day. Samsung is one among those companies which have always tried to lead the industry through their ultimately amazing mobile phones; recently news has given some more heights to the Samsung’s plan of global dominance and according to that the Korean company has sold more feature phones then Nokia in the western Europe.

According to a research from IDG, almost 12.2 million mobile phones have been sold in Q1 and Nokia has seen its sales down to 9.1million which is really surprising. The Nokia’s sale decline is really strange as this company has always being the leading one in the industry and this year due to any reason it has came down from Samsung.

This was the story of Samsung and Nokia but after a closer look towards the sale of other companies you’ll come to know that most of them like Sony Ericson and LG re struggling to regain their high sale rate which was once the glory of those companies. Though a little downside is faced by some companies still we can’t say that the overall sales rate of mobile phones in the world is not falling in fact it is increasing almost 8% per year.

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