Samsung is trying to build and expand its market based on social experience demand by the consumers and for that the Korean smartphone maker has now come up with Galaxy A7 which is one of the slimmest Galaxy smartphones in the market that is powered by premium hardware. The all new Galaxy A7 not just gets great hardware inside, but also gets sophisticated design on the outside to enable users to capture their special moments and share it on the social media platform as and when they please.

To make it compete with their arch rivals Apple, Samsung has decided to make it different from the rest of the Galaxy smartphones. The A7 is powered by multicore processor combining two separate quad core processors to deliver superior performance and handle any data intensive tasks. It gets Samsung’s Exynos chip that ensures smoother and faster performance. It also gets 16GB onboard memory which is backed by 2GB RAM. The all new A7 also gets powerful battery of 2600 mAh to ensure long lasting performance. The smartphone also incorporates 5 megapixel front-facing camera for advanced selfie features like Auto Selfie mode and Ultra Wide Shot. It also gets LTE Category 4 support to deliver and upload pictures and videos on social media sites quickly to provide better connectivity.

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