Samsung has been trying to jump ahead of the competition when it comes to smart television segment and Samsung Electronics Company has now made an announcement about the Evolution Kit that will be showcased at the CES 2013 that will happen from January 8 to January 11, 2013. The company has said that this is for the first time that they have come up with such innovative concept that will change the market for high definition smart television. The company said that most of the smart televisions need to upgrade themselves if they want to stay smart and that is exactly what the kit will do. The new Evolution Kit will allow Samsung Smart TV to be Samsung Smart TV for 2013.

The device can be attached to the back of the television and consumers can enjoy all the latest features that the 2013 Smart TV would offer to their new buyers. The company said that the new upgrades will allow hardware enhancements like improving the overall speed of the GPU, CPU and memory that offer faster browsing speeds and offer better multitasking to the consumers. The new Evolution Kit will also improve the overall Smart Interaction feature from Samsung like Voice Control and Motion Control. Once the Evolution Kit is attached to the Smart TV it transforms the TV into a brand new TV that consumers can enjoy in the future. The company claims that this is a simple way for the consumers to upgrade their smart televisions that can do lot more than just providing entertainment.

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