SAMSUNG, which started as a small export business company in Korea, has grown to become one of the world’s recognized leaders in electronics. Samsung has won the major global market share in electronic industry and they have specialised in semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors and CDMA mobile phones., the official website offers the best opportunity to look into the various products and services that the company offers.

Design and Layout

Simplicity is what is all about; simple in design and lay out. The logo, links and pictures are displayed perfectly in a white background, which adds to easy navigation. The latest Samsung product with a link in the middle of the home page is quite impressive. Displayed in true colours and beautiful pictures, they get prominence in the home page. maintains all professionalism of a technical website, with its prominent display of various links and faster navigation.  Moreover, the home page as well as the links is not crowded.

Content provides all information regarding the various services and products with specific links, which makes navigation easy. The Navigation bar has links to ‘Consumer, Business, Support, Experiences, News and About Samsung. Down below there are links to various products. Just below the navigation bar, there is a search tab, which makes it easier to look out for products of one’s choice.

The Consumer Link is again subdivided into various links like Television, Mobile Phones and Cameras, and which again has been linked to specific products. For example, if one clicks the Television link, one can go to specific products like LCD TV, LED LCD Flat, Plasma TV and more. This categorization of links makes navigation smooth and easier.

The products are displayed very prominently, with beautiful pictures and all specifics. The literature is simple that makes it easier to know the products. The Business section offers more on Semiconductors, LCD Panel, Telecommunication, Set Box and more. Apart from the Download Center, the Support link opens to FAQs, Online Repair Request, Register Your Product, Service Support and Contact Us.  The website also offers the best reviews on their products, which are quite informative. The news section has been divided into Product News, Corporate News and Sponsorship News. All information regarding corporate profile, Business Areas, board of directors and careers can be seen at the About Samsung Link.

Apart from the links in the navigation bar, there are various links like scholarship programmes down below the home page.

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  1. The site looks so simple and attractive and you can find all the products at the home page too.Looks really nice and easy to navigate.and colors also seem to be pleasant rather than shiny or too bright color.Good job by samsung.

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