The pebble shaped Mp3 player from Samsung is just a great thing is small package. It comes in five very hot colors green, purple, red, black and white. It is so small that it can come easily in your palms. It is excellent while travelling and also goes with you to gym. It can be even wear like a pendent in the neck.

Inexpensive, sleek and stylish, 1 GB storage, on the go playlist, good sound quality.


Storage: 1GB storage is just great at this price range for a stylish design Mp3 player which has enough space for approximately 13 hours of audio.

Light effect: A LED light along the bottom edge of the MP3 player flash out many colors in a pattern based on the playback mode you select in the player.

DN Se Sound engine: Samsung’s DN Se is a technology which provides rich and more realistic sound experience.

MP3, WMA, Ogg support:
It also supports MP3, WMA and Ogg so that you can listen to your favorite tunes in high-quality audio.

Playback controls:
Very easy-to-use controls are there on the back side of the Mp3 player which includes play/pause, volume and playback options (standard, random, repeat).


Flash memory installed: 1 GB
File format supported: WMA, Ogg, Mp3
Available colors: Black, white, red, green, purple
Battery backup (audio): 13 hours
Dimensions for Unit (W x H x D): 1.66″ x 0.65″ x 1.62″
Weight for Unit (lbs): 0.03 lbs

Unique selling point:

Small, sleek and stylish design
Available in hot colors
Best deal for price
Good sound quality

Accessories included:

Lanyard earphones
USB adaptor
Installation CD
User’s manual

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  1. Personally, I think the Pebble beats iPod’s shuffle. It looks better and allows for slightly more funcionality. The shuffle has absolutely nothing besides its capability to clip onto things. Samsung pebbles come in a wide array of colors and can be worn as a pendant. Take it jogging, and control the playlist!

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