While Samsung Electronics America is already offering lot of devices for the consumer market they are equally focused on imaging and medical devices market in the United States. Now, Samsung Electronics America Inc has made an announcement that they have launched Samsung UGEO H60 that offers superior imaging performance and offers fast and accurate ultrasound experience which is unlike any other device in the market. Samsung also said that they are also introducing Accuvix A30 Feto Realistic View also known as FRV which is their new ultrasound technology that will offer highly detailed images of the fetus.

DesignSamsung has said that they understand that the overall design of such systems plays an important role and therefore both the devices have ergonomic design so that it can be used with lot of ease and better control. The overall design of both the devices is slim and therefore it can be shifted and used in overcrowded scanning rooms as well. The systems are not bulky and therefore moving them across various facilities is possible without wasting too much of time.

Performance – The new Samsung UGEO H60 combines SDMR image processing technology that offers sharp 2D images for superior diagnostic performances. It also incorporates S-Flow technology that Samsung believes will help in color detection which allows physicians to make note of smallest vessels that appear clear in high resolution. The ultrasound system offers 18.5 inch LED backlit monitor that offers better image processing technologies and Hybrid Imaging Engine.

The screen also offers touch screen options for the physicians that can allow them to handle the images in the right way and make proper diagnosis. It also offers built-in gel warmer that allows ultrasound gel to stay in right temperatures to offer superior patient comfort. It also offers better menu system that allows physicians to operate the machine without any inconvenience.

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