4G Netbook

Samsung has been claiming from the past many year that they are going to roll out the plans for 4G devices for 2010 and finally the company has made their claims true by revealing the world’s first ever 4G Netbook which has been named as N150 Netbook. The demos of this 4G device have been released by the company in 2006 and thus the company was teasing the whole world for so long but it has finally hit the Mobile World Congress physically for the first time and the capabilities of this Netbook are just more than awesome.

Photo by nDevilTV
Photo by nDevilTV

One of the fantastic features about this new N510 Netbook is that it is LTE capable, updated modem which offers such fast download and connection speed which you will never had experienced before. Along with that it carries 1.66GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 10.1 inch WSVGA screen and 8.5 hours run time. Thus the new LTE modem will bring an evolution in to the broadcasting industry of the world and being the first ever 4G Netbook this device will surely earn a great reputation along with profit for its company as its is just the beginner of a great revolution for the broadcasting Networks.

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