The CES 2010 got some very exciting releases from different developers and Samsung has also brought an eye catching release of two of its latest laptop’s series, the R30 and R80 which are both very amazing in not only the external looks but also in internal specifications. The R30 carries two fantastic members R430 and R530 while the R80 carries R580 and R780. Some of the goodies which you’ll surely love about these laptops are a very beautiful design, extra power and more disk space. The different version of Intel Core processors have been provided with these new laptops which are thus bringing the power of performing the activities by consuming the minimum amount of time.

All of the new released laptops are on sale now and the prices ranges from $629.99 to $829.99 which is normal for such laptops. This series has been named as the touch of color series because they have been claimed to be ideal for watching HD videos, editing photos and playing PC games. The Blu-ray optical device has been provide for the R30’s which make them perfect for watching movies and playing games. In the press release Todd Bouman director of product marketing at Samsung Electronics Information Technology Division said that “Combining a range of wireless connectivity options and LED backlit displays, these products are ideal to be used both as mobile devices as well as desktop replacements for all-day use”.

With these new laptops the status of the company will definitely rise in the international markets because the power and capabilities are pretty enhanced.

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