An internet enabled TV; surprised, aren’t you? Yes, this is the future of televisions; internet streaming. That implies that you will no more need to attach your TV sets to outer sources that can stream content from the internet. Samsung LE40B650 LCD TV has this pristine feature, and is UK’s first LAN-equipped, wireless internet-enabled TV to offer web widgets.


  • £895.00
  • Internet TV
  • 1080p, 1080p/24, 720p/1080i output
  • Full High Definition
  • Freeview
  • HD ready
  • 3 HDMI connectors
  • Widescreen
  • 40” display size
  • LCD flat screen


It is an HD tv, with a sleek glass front, set on top of a rotating stand, and possesses speakers that are well hidden. “True HD” means that it has 1920x1080p resolution. Power, volume, channel and source; all these controls are also invisible as they are located on the touch panel.
Onscreen menus are clear and respond fast. There are picture modes, backlight level, contrast, brightness, sharpness, color level, tint, and Advanced Settings like black tone; dynamic contrast; gamma level; color space; white balance; flesh tone, and edge enhancement. Almost all the needed and expected settings are there in this TV, so it isn’t a bad choice at all.

Quite a handful of options are offered in the set up menu like Game Mode, Picture-In- Picture, and Energy Saving etc. Through this set up menu, you can connect your TV to the internet by setting up important details as IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server.

In the Media Play menu, users can access music, picture and video files that have been stored in an external USB device like portable hard drive or memory stick. Then, there is Samsung inbuilt Content Library, which is full of pictures, games, recipes, fitness advice, children’s stories etc. unwanted media can be deleted, as well as new media files can be added.
Internet is the most significant feature of this TV set. Of course, having direct access to some of the top websites without the hassle of windows involved is an awesome experience. Select your preferred site from the on-dock widgets including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Flickr, the online image gallery, and YouTube. You can get a wireless dongle for £50 and forget about LAN.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

  • Internet TV
  • Nice design
  • Great performance


  • Wireless dongle costs an extra £50
  • Limited off-axis clarity

Final words:

Even keeping the awesome internet feature aside; this TV is a great performer consisting of all the possible settings and options. Undoubtedly, this is the beginning of revolution in conventional TV features.

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