Samsung I5800

Tring! Tring!

Yes that’s the voice of my latest Samsung I5800. I am loving it. It has everything that I could ask for.What does it has?

Following are some of it features:

It has an advanced multimedia. If you want to enjoy movies, or listen to songs or just want to check on the web this is the latest gadget you were looking for. It has a super fast CPU which gives you high quality performance. It displays videos in high resolution on its 8.13 cm LCD screen. And with a long-lasting battery, you can keep watching as long as you want without even worrying about battery problem. With the Music List and Player you can listen to your favorite tunes when ever and where ever you want to.

  • It is a social hub as it allows you to check your friends’ status updates and newly added photos directly from your Contacts. And, through the Social Hub Inbox, you are able to manage all your incoming and outgoing messages.
  • It is fully equipped with Google easy to use tools
  • Its layer Reality browser helps you to navigate your way and you never have problem in finding a new place. You are local! No more losing the track or getting misguided, for now you carry the map of the world in your palm!

Samsung has offered this mobile inorder to reduce the usage of expensive hardware yet giving a product which can offer the customers a robust performance. You will find it exciting to use and will not get bored after using it for a long time.


  • You can download videos for your galaxy and any application to check phone memory where it is used
  • This mobile set comes in a  simple yet elegant shapes and colors
  • It has four touch-sensitive keys
  • It is based upon Andriod version 2.1 operating system
  • It uses a 667 MHz processor
  • The touch screen is 3.2 inches
  • The display supports 16 million colors
  • Supports multi touch inputs
  • Camera is fixed with auto focus
  • The handset supports threaded SMS view, email, MMS, push email and instant messaging features
  • It has a micro USB port
  • Its very good for browsing
  • It has a price of approximately $329.95 USD


  • The only drawback in the Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800 mobile phone is that it does not have a secondary video call camera
  • It’s glossy plastic finish attracts fingerprints really quickly
  • Battery exhausts in a few hours
  • There is no video calling
  • Highly reflective under sunlight

If you want to buy a smart phone Samsung I5800 would be a nice choice!

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