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Now days it’s the world of HD electronics which is getting popular at a very exciting rate because of the tremendous quality and efficient performance.

Photo by funkyjudge
Photo by funkyjudge

The race among the HD camcorders has reached at such a high rate where it is difficult to compare the two different camcorders and the reason being that each company has shifted their interest towards the development of latest HD camcorders which are even more powerful than the others. Samsung is also among those companies which are bringing the latest HD capabilities in their electronics and the camcorders are also record breaking in their performance. The camcorder which I am going to review is the latest HD camcorder by Samsung modeled as HMX-R10BP.

This ultra-compact camcorder adds an extra level of comfort to every shot you take. The design is very comfortable for carrying and keeping with you. The style of this camcorder is different from the traditional camcorders and this is the real beauty of it which is making it unique. It offers a range of HD and SD shoot modes which are best for shooting videos and capturing still photographs. The overall design and functionality has got a huge round of a clause from the customers and market holders and that’s why it has earned good profit for Samsung. The features of this camcorder have been further discussed below.


  1. It has got a 5x optical and 8x smart zoom option which brought you closer to your object and shoot the video or capture a still photograph. The zoom also doesn’t affect the picture quality due to the quality of lenses.
  2. It can capture up to 9mega pixel still photograph which makes it as efficient as a digital camera.
  3. Due to the arrangement of lens at a twist of 25 degree user has got more ease to grip this camcorder and store their memories for future.
  4. The super slow motion offers a choice of 300 and 600 frames per second recording which is a very unique yet exciting feature of this camcorder.
  5. It also offers HD time-lapse recording which can set the R 10 up to record short bursts of video over a period of up to 72 hours.
  6. The magic touch shot is also a very nice function for still recording and allows you to press a point on the touch screen LCD that manages the settings for the recording modes.
  7. The 2.7 inch LCD touch screen display is very efficient for managing the settings and capturing the memories for you.
  8. The software is windows friendly only and not Mac friendly but this can’t be considered as big cons of this camcorder.


  1. Photo by funkyjudge
    Photo by funkyjudge

    Device Type: CMOS

  2. Size: 1/2.33″
  3. No of pixels: 5.3M/9M (Video/Still)
  4. Size 2.7″
  5. No of pixels 230k
  6. Dimensions: 1.5′” (W) x 2.23″ (H) x 5.04″ (D)
  7. Weight: .51 lbs.
  8. Compatible OS: Windows Vista / XP
  9. Resolution: 12M (4000×3000 / Interpolation)9M (4:3, 3456×2592)6M (16:9, 3328×1872)5M (4:3, 2592×1944)3M (4:3, 2048×1536)2M (16:9, 1920×1080)VGA (640×480)
  10. Recordable Media: SD/SDHC card

This is thus a very fantastic new HD camcorder from the Samsung’s side which gives the user a new stylish shape with the plethora of functionalities. With the 2.7 inch display it has captured the attention of many peoples of the world and this ultra-modern camcorder will work in all manners what you want from a good camcorder.

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