Just a year ago, Samsung decided to come up with their new range of OLED TVs that would storm the market competition, but things have changed drastically. Samsung Electronics has now made an announcement that they are abandoning their plans to come up with new facilities where they will manufacture next generation OLED TVs. Samsung claims that they are taking these steps based on the performance of OLED TVs in the market last year which they believe is not good enough. Samsung said that the reason behind OLED TVs not doing well in the market is the hefty price tag and inefficiency of production.

Samsung said that they were forced to raise the production levels and therefore they expected to come up with new facilities, but they cannot do that because they do not have the demand and market requirements for it. Instead, Samsung will now focus on high quality LCD TVs for the time being which might slow down the popularity of OLED TV technology in the near future.

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