The television industry got a fillip when Samsung broke an innovation barrier by unveiling one of the most innovative devices in home television viewing. The OLED Television, which has a curved screen when compared to the regular flat television, was the new innovation. This television provides for excellent viewing and is a breakthrough that is sure to make television viewing a pleasure.

Samsung has been in the forefront of providing unique television viewing solutions and this OLED television will be a much better experience for all television viewers who use this. The curved television screen will prevent strain to the eye. At the same time, it will also provide a chance for the people to have a panoramic view.

The viewer will feel as if they are much closer to the television screen than they really are. Also, this unique screen makes the person to be able to feel as if they are part of the program on the television. Samsung has provided innovative breakthroughs over the years and this futuristic technology is sure to change the way people watch television. Since the screen causes lesser strain to the eye, it is sure to have a positive health implication on viewers too and improve the life of those who watch this television.

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