Do you like taking pictures and getting closer to the action? Samsung has been trying to introduce better long range zoom cameras that not only offer the distance but also the clarity that is required. Samsung has now introduced new WB110 which is the latest addition to the family of WB series cameras. The Korean smartphone maker said that they are trying to venture into the camera segment and offer something better to the customers. The new WB110 offers 26 times optical zoom without compromising the clarity and quality of the picture.

The all new WB110 is an ideal camera for those who need compact and long range zoom cameras. The camera is powered by 20.1 megapixels CCD sensor that offers superior performance in any light conditions. The camera also gets 22.3mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens that ensures that the subjects are right within the picture frame. To make it convenient for the users, Samsung has incorporated 3.0 inch hVGA LCD screen that makes it easier for the users to see the view they get. The camera also captures 720p HD quality video for those who want to capture their precious moments into videos.

Samsung WB110

WB110 is not only incorporated with some really great options but also some great features that takes the photography experience to the next level. It offers Smart Auto that offers beginners an easier way to capture pictures and get the best possible shots. Live Panorama option allows users to get the panoramic shots easily by holding the shutter button and sweeping it across the scene. With just 385 grams without battery the camera is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

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