The Curved OLED TV from LG is a proof about its unmatched leadership foraying into the next-generation displays. LG remains truly committed to its mission of offering the most exciting TV technology to the market and the consumers. The brand is already receiving pre-orders for its 55-inch OLED TV and will start making the deliveries next month. This also makes LG the only company to sell flat screen OLED TV as well as Curved OLED TV, thus giving it a substantial lead in the OLED segment, which is expected to expand by 7 million units in the next few years. Customers have started placing their orders for the Curved OLED TV at the 1,400 retail stores of the brand in South Korea and the TV is priced at USD 13,500.

The new model boasting of the very first curved screen design offers an IMAX-like viewing experience right in your home. More than 5 years of research have gone behind the new technology. The entire screen surface gets rid of the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and any loss of details. You get to see very realistic and vivid images and the unique 4 color Pixel system offers a flawless color output. Thanks to the WRGB technology and special Color Refiner, you get to see more vibrant and natural images in the new Curved OLED TV.

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