Android apps already create a buzz and therefore, you should certainly not miss out on the latest 10 apps that are making waves. With thousands of new entries making way to Google Play store every other day, there are very few that really grab the attention and enjoy maximum downloads. Let us discover some great apps here and what makes them worth downloading.

Here are 10 of those awesome Android apps that are worth mentioning.

1. PassWallet – Password Manager

PassWallet or Password Wallet is just the right app to get you free from the chaos of remembering passwords or get your identity stolen. You can place all your passwords behind a single PIN and under 100% protection with 256-bit encryption, Access them anytime with cloud sync and make as many entries as you want. Get the full version for $4.99.

PassWallet - Password Manager

2. NetLive

Compatible with all your devices, NetLive can help you keep an eye on your internet, the data transfer rate as well as which app of yours has the maximum data. The app runs as a widget as well as in the notification drawer.


3. Timely Alarm Clock

Take advantage of this Gorgeous Alarm Clock with timer and Cloud Syncing. Now you can be sure that your alarm clock will not fail you and looks great as well. You get tons of options here with hundreds of themes and customizations, widgets, multiple snooze modes. Get this app for free and enjoy a beautiful wake-up experience.

Timely Alarm Clock

4. Wickr Self-Destruct Messaging

Want to send messages that are self-destructing for free to other Wickr users? Well, use this wonderful new android app that allows you send messages anywhere in the world and leaves no trace. Send and receive photos, text, voice messages and even videos. The sender has complete control as to who gets the message and where and for how long. The app deletes metadata and does not share information with strangers.

Wickr Self-Destruct Messaging

5. Autodesk FormIt

Now you can capture design concepts for buildings anytime, anywhere for some great digital ideas. Get real building data and use real-world site information to support design decisions.

Autodesk FormIt

6. Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List

Although there are plenty of apps with To-do list, what makes Buy Me A Pie immensely popular is its swanky interface and a dictionary mechanic. Add cross-platform cloud syncing with paid version and enjoy making multiple lists and lots of sharing. Save complicated shopping lists with this handiest Android app.

Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List

7. Dynamic Keyboard

Modify the keys’ visibility and size with artificial intelligence algorithms, and machine learning technologies. Make use of a database of intelligence in Dynamic Keyboard.

Dynamic Keyboard

8. HabitRPG

It is time to turn those boring task of life into an interesting game. Well, anything you do for long, becomes a habit soon enough, for better or worse. HabitRPG will turn all your positive activities into a role-playing game. You move a level up as you succeed or compete with your friends. Make your life interesting with this app.


9. Learnist

Make learning easy, fast and fun from experts. Download Learnist for Android tablets and smartphones to organize videos, maps, ebooks, surveys, podcasts into simple learning resources on any topic.


10. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

All contractors and small businesses can now enjoy cloud-based accounting with FreshBooks Cloud Accounting. Now, one can have a fast and easy access to their Freshbooks account without depending on the mobile browser.  Track expenses, and invoices on the simple, cloud- platform.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

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