Blackberry has been one of the most favorite Smartphone of most of the peoples of the world and the news regarding malfunctioning of these Smartphones seems really disappointing.

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The Blackberry maker research in motion has confirmed for the second time in this week that the   users are experiencing the delays in email problems. According to that research the Blackberry users are claiming of the delays in message delivery.

The email statement by a spokesman of Blackberry says that “Technical teams are actively working to resolve the issue for those impacted. RIM apologizes for any inconvenience experienced by customers”. These complaints were not only annoying for the users but the makers are also very much keen to know the cause as this thing can affect the great earned reputation of blackberry in the international markets.

The active participation of technical teams towards the resolution of cause shows that we’ll see this problem to be rooting out in the near future. If you are one of the blackberry user and experiencing such problem than don’t get very upset the company is working on it and soon you’ll get the high quality of Blackberry back for you.

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